Monitoring and Control

Smarter Control: Whether old or new, save on your network operating expenses

Are you dreaming of monitoring and controlling multiple equipments on a single platform? It is now possible. Our site controllers enable you to remotely monitor and control the energy and environment of your sites over a wide network area.
The new UCC (Univeral Comp@s Controller) is a modular electronic controller, just 1U high, combining a core module with an ‘unlimited’ number of customer-configured input/output modules connected to that core module over a CAN Bus.
The core controller, based on the Comp@s card, offers a TCP/IP interface over an Ethernet 10/100 port and a USB port. The unit supports a range of communication services: SNMP v1, v2, V3, XML over HTTP and FTP Server for software upgrade plus web services. The controller also offers an RS-232/485-compatible interface to monitor older equipment. The input/output modules are selected to meet the requirements of each application.
The numerous features of the UCC that can be configured for each case.