Alpha, CISSOID and EHP collaboration on high temperature and harsh environmental conditions power converters.

Alpha Technologies, in partnership with CISSOID and Euro Heat Pipes (EHP), have come to the end of a 4-year collaboration on the research program BASTOGNE, supported by the Walloon Region and by the European Regional Development Fund  (ERDF - FEDER).


This research program combined spreaders developed by EHP and high temperature SiC transistors drivers developed by CISSOID, in order to develop a compact 3kW AC/DC power converter able to operate in high IP level and harsh environmental conditions.


While keeping a high efficiency of power conversion, the objectives - achieved in this research program - were to reach compactness and reduced weight, by avoiding water cooling systems or bulky heatsinks.


Alpha Technologies warmly thanks the Walloon Region, the European Regional Development Fund, as its partners CISSOID and EHP, for supporting and collaborating to this project.