26th of May 2020

New offers coming

For the moment, we are not looking for a specific profile.

However, if you are interested in joining a dynamic and sharp team, as employee or as trainee, feel free to contact us!

20th of May 2020

Reactivity saves lives!

After shortages of artificial respirators, hospitals are now facing a new crisis: the lack of dialysis machines and supplies. Indeed, doctors are seeing in COVID-19 patients a new syndrome: their blood does not coagulate like it should and often tends to overclot. To treat this, hospitals have a much larger need for dialysis equipment, given that both patients who needed dialysis before the pandemic as well as COVID-19 patients need this specific treatment.

That’s where Alpha Innovations comes in. We provide power supply units to a major actor in the medical sector for dialysis machines. Due to the urgent need of new equipment, our customer has asked us for help to support them in supplying hundreds of additional unforecasted power supply units in a very short period of time, to equip hospitals all around the world with new dialysis equipment to face this sudden demand. And save lives.

Thanks to our reactivity and to the flexibility of our teams (that didn’t hesitate to work around the clock, weekends included), we successfully reached the target: in less than 60 days, we were able to manufacture and deliver the first batch of additional unplanned power supply units to our customer and the full additional request will be completed in the following weeks.

Reactivity, Flexibility and Trust are the main ingredients that enabled Alpha Innovations to contribute in saving lives!

19th of May 2020

How the CE+T Group can help you manage your energy consumption?

Today, companies have multiple ways of producing their own energy. Their consumption varies and sometimes, they have a huge amount of energy left. This energy can be sold to energy suppliers. However, the price at which this energy is sold varies day by day, hour after hour.

That’s where the CE+T Group comes in: with a collaboration between the entities of the Group, we offer solutions that help you manage your energy consumption.

How do we do it?

By combining the knowledge and experience of CE+T Energrid in energy management, Alpha Innovations in monitoring solutions and CE+T Power in manufacturing of innovative converters.

  • Solutions for renewable energy

We offer 3 technology platforms, each based on innovative converters with 3 bidirectional ports. With one single module, you can connect anything!


Regarding energy transition, we can introduce new features for energy management such as:

  • Peak shavings (to reduce costs)
  • Increase in self-consumption (with storage solutions)
  • Response to demand (to shift consumption over time)
  • Pure power supply (no voltage drops, sag or surge)
  • MPPT


  • Monitoring

Alpha Innovations has years of experience in monitoring solutions. Among them, the Universal Compas Controller (UCC). The UCC communicates with the servers of the energy suppliers to define the quantity of energy that is required on their networks. This information is translated into electrical signals that are then used to control the sources and the loads.



  • Power backup solutions

The innovative solutions developed by CE+T Power are used for power backup but also for energy management. The features and high reliability of the modules bring an added value to our customers.


What are the key advantages of our innovative solutions?

  • Customization

If you have specific requirements, we can take them into account by developing custom modules and monitoring solutions. We have teams of engineers in each entity who work together to design, build and manufacture the solutions that best meet our customers’ needs. Moreover, depending on the situation, the UCC can easily be reconfigured.

  • Grid Stability

Our solutions help stabilize the grid. By communicating with the energy supplier, you can help balance production and consumption on the network. That’s what the UCC does. Moreover, the power supply solutions have features that also help with grid stability such as demand response and an increase in self-consumption.

  • Cybersecurity

Our solutions imply a constant communication with servers, it is therefore crucial for them to be protected from cyberattacks, which is a tangible concern for all our customers. Thanks to our monitoring solutions, all communication can be encrypted using TLS. Moreover, our UCC supports a wide variety of highly reliable protocols.


For which applications?

Our solutions can be used in all applications where energy optimization is important. For example, they can be useful in small power plants that use renewable energy, co-generation or biomass. Another example of application is in the railway sector where power hubs are required in remote areas. In the telecom sector, as small losses are multiplied by thousands of systems, our solutions provide smarter energy management.

Check out this in a video!

Do you also need help with energy management? Contact us!

18th of May 2020

Best Managed Companies 2020

For the 3rd consecutive year, CE+T Power received the “Best Managed Companies” Label by Deloitte. This is also the first time for CE+T Group. An independent jury recognized our company for our clear strategy, extensive expertise, commitment, and financial performance.









Best Managed Companies?

The Best Managed Companies program supports resilient entrepreneurship and sustainable growth, qualities that are even more relevant in this difficult period with the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis.

Retaining the Best Managed Companies quality label recognizes our resilience, organizational agility, and strong team. We are committed to continuing to achieve the highest standards of business performance.

About Best Managed Companies

In 2017, Deloitte Private launched Belgium Best Managed Companies in collaboration with Econopolis. The program aims to provide guidance and recognition for Belgian privately owned and managed companies which achieve excellent results.

The globally proven framework is used to assess their leadership qualities and practices in the areas of strategy, talent, drive and financial performance. Companies wishing to participate in the program must have a turnover exceeding €10 million, exist for 5 years, employ more than 25 employees and a majority stake (> 60%) owned by a Belgian resident, person or entity.

The ‘Best Managed Companies’ label is intended to become an international label denoting quality and excellence. The programme was developed 27 years ago in Canada and has already been rolled out in Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Chile, Turkey, Italy, Germany, China, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Trinidad, Australia, USA, Czech Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

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1st of April 2020

Covid-19 - “We cannot stop, we have become essential”

Published in the Belgian press l’Echo on March 31st: “We cannot stop, we have become essential”.

Our CEO, Sophie Trinon, explains how Alpha Innovations is tackling the Covid19 situation. “We supply electrical components and systems for several companies that are on the frontline of the pandemic, therefore we have become an essential link of the chain. Without our help some crucial devices would not be functioning properly. Most of our employees are working remotely and our workshop is still operating at full capacity.”

6th of May 2019

2nd of May 2019

A new adventure begins for Alpha Innovations!

CE+T holding has just signed the acquisition of Alpha Innovations.

A new step in the company’s growth which already employs more than 250 peoples worldwide.


Who is CE+T ?

Founded in 1934, CE+T Power has been specializing in power electronics since the 1960’s and has invented the modular inverter in the end of the 1980’s.

Based in Belgium (Wandre, near Liège), China, India, Luxembourg and the USA, CE+T capitalizes on the diversity of the company’s global organization to empower business’ continuity. They do so by providing modular, highly efficient AC & DC power solutions that will help minimize Operating Expenses and reduce Carbon footprints.



CE+T Power’s mission is to make sure that businesses keep going even when their electric power source fails. No matter which power source (DC or AC), CE+T’s Inverters and Modular UPS solutions will be there to secure critical applications.

Reliability. Simplicity. Low Financial Impact. These are the criteria, shared by Alpha Innovations, that lead every decision when CE+T develops its products.


CE+T by numbers

Today, CE+T today has a turnover of more than 40 million euros and employs 250 people worldwide.



The company has built its international reputation over the years, notably due to the winning of the Little Box Challenge organised by Google in 2016 (with an award of 1 million US$) and the label “Best Managed Companies” in 2018 by Deloitte.

CE+T holding then diversified itself by creating CE+T Energrid in 2017, a company specialised in the energy management (microgrid, energy storage…). In 2019, CE+T Energy Solutions was created in the United States in order to develop energy management and datacentres markets. With the acquisition of Alpha Innovations, the group definitively has a bright future ahead.


Why this acquisition?

Both companies are active in the telecom, rail and industrial markets. Even if they offer different (but complementary) solutions, Alpha Innovations and CE+T Power have the same mission: secure critical applications. Therefore, it seems logical that the companies get closer in order to establish synergies in terms of technical, commercial and operational matters.

At the end of 2018, Alpha Innovations had a turnover of 14 million euros and a confirmed order book, ensuring a good continuity for the years to come.


From left to right: Alberto Méndez Rodriguez, President of the Board of Alpha Innovations and Robert Eyben, CEO of CE+T holding


9th of October 2017

Alpha Innovations, ARTS Energy and Grolleau showcase NiMH solution for Telecom at Gitex, in Dubaï

France-based ARTS Energy, a global player in design, industrialization and manufacturing of storage systems of electrical energy, is participating for the first time at the Gitex, and is introducing its innovative Ni-MH battery solution for telecom and back up, in collaboration with Alpha Innovations and Grolleau.

The event is taking place from October 8 to 12, at the Dubai World trade Centre, in Dubai, UAE.

ARTS Energy has become an expert of the Middle East region is presenting new products and battery solutions for solar, and particularly robust and long-life Ni-MH in hot climates.

The company said that this new product is a technological breakthrough and is the fruit of a two years R&D programme including the three partners.

Arts Energy has developed a new Ni-MH battery called Endurance with high robustness and long life duration at high temperature.

Alpha Innovations has developed a new rectifier solution to manage the Ni-MH battery, and with dedicated components compatible with extreme temperatures.


Grolleau has developed a new outdoor energy enclosure dedicated to hot climates. Its new telecom and back up cabinet, dedicated to hot environments and climates, is the first offering the following benefits: no need for air conditioning - energy saving; excellent behavior up to 70°C; compact product; long life duration - 5 to 10 years in the Middle East; attractive total cost of ownership.

Considering telecom and back up applications, energy cabinets are generally equipped with lead-acid batteries offering acceptable life duration (around five years) in moderate climates (Europe, USA, Asia).

But in hot climates (Africa, middle-East, South America), those lead-acid batteries delivers poor life duration (sometimes less than one year) even if the energy cabinet is equipped with air conditioning.

Consequently, in such areas, the cost for the battery maintenance (replacing the battery) becomes much higher compared to the cost of the initial battery delivered with the telecom and back up cabinet.

Additionally, waiting for the lead-acid battery to be replaced with a fresh one, the cost of “non-operational” network is high, mainly in the field of telecom.

Many Telecom operators have measured the extra-cost generated by poor life duration of lead-acid batteries in hot climates, and are looking for alternative battery technologies since a few years.

Visit us at Gitex Dubaï! Hall C4-37


6th of April 2017

20th of December 2016

Access Control with Compas and Armada

For about 10 years, Alpha Innovations has been providing solutions allowing the access control to your street cabinets. Subracks like the CAPTIN FA, CAPTIN BW, UCC can manage RFID badge reader, locks and doors. It included different scenarios that take into account server failures, power outages, RFID reader failures. So the solutions were there, but with the new technologies, it was time to innovate!

We are now able to provide an alternative solution without a need for an RFID reader, by taking advantage of the smartphone handled by technicians. This will make everything easier! The solution can be managed by any SNMP software, or by our new Armada Web Extension, dedicated to smartphones. Here are some screenshots:


Log on the Armada Website


You can immediately see the closest street cabinet thanks to the smartphone GPS location. No time lost when searching for the right monitoring system.

If you cannot find the cabinet, the map system will guide you!

You have just arrived? Click 'open the door' and if you hzve the authorisation, the door will unlock!

Do you want to see the alarms or to configure the system? You can access the monitoring webpage directly!

Contact us if you are interested in increasing security very efficiently!